Three Reasons to Keep Training During Covid-19

Reason 1

It will make you feel better.

We all know that you feel happier when you have been out and done some exercise. In times of increased stress and anxiety we could all use a helping hand, and this is one hand we can take hold of even during this uncertain time.

The emotional benefits of exercise have been shown to include better sleep, a decrease in stress levels and a lower rate of depression. When you combine this with the physical benefits and higher self-esteem, it’s a win. Now I’m not saying that skipping the odd workout during this time is too much of a bad thing and at times we will be forced to but just make sure you are keeping your activity up where possible.

Reason 2

You will stay fit

I know that I am stating the obvious and everyone knows that if you stop training all together you will lose your fitness. What you might not know is it is your endurance that is the last to go so it is important to maintain a bit of speed work in your weekly plan.

You can decrease your training by as much a 2/3 with very little long-term effect so even making sure that you maintain some structured training will help you retain fitness during this tough time.

Reason 3


Keeping sight on what your end game was can help us all get through this time. If you don’t have something to focus on it is very hard to look past the wall, we are currently facing. Just imagine that you are looking at a 12-week block of training with an event at the end of it. This will help you stay motivated in the here and now and remember this will not last forever.

Any training you do now is just adding to the performance later.

Stay fit, stay happy, stay healthy.

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