How does it work?

No matter where in the world you live you can benefit from the skills of our running coach. Supported remotely through specialist software, we can track each of your run’s, analyse the data and provide you feedback through our bi-weekly check-ins to improve your running.

If you’re really struggling with particular aspects of running or the programme we tailor to you we work with you to modify it and make the necessary changes to help you progress at a pace suited to your ability, while still giving you that push you need to go further.

It is really simple to get started!


Complete our Registration form and purchase the package that best suits your needs on our Pricing Page


Discuss with our Coach Katie your goals, and previous running/medical history to ensure your programme is tailored to your abilities. 


Receive your tailored programme via email, and via Training Peaks to download to your smartwatch/phone and start running.

Your tailored programme will take into consideration your abilities, your schedule, training and medical history. It will be broken down into an easy to follow week by week schedule that you can upload it to your smart device and follow. The instructions provided, including details such as:

  • Warm-ups and cool downs
  • Stretches and strengthening work
  • Number of run sessions to do a week
  • Distance of run sessions
  • Pace to achieve during a run session

Got more questions? Get in touch! Ready to get started? Then register below.