Your Journey Begins

Everyone is on a different path

Running is a personal experience and you need a running plan that supports your goals and helps you reach your targets.

Whether you’re just starting as a runner, looking for a ‘Couch-to-5k’ program, or a seasoned marathon runner, Smart Sports Run are dedicated to giving you an individually tailored training plan that will keep you on track to achieve your running goals.

Allowing you to pick up the running pace, without injury or pushing yourself too far too fast. With our online system, you will be given access to a tailored programme that can be downloaded to your smartwatch or phone to help you and Katie, our head coach, keep track of your progress.

No matter where in the world you live, our amazing online system allows us to keep you motivated and going to hit those running goals.

Training Advice

Use feedback from your previous run sessions to adapt and keep your progression going.

Goal Acheivements

No matter what you want to achieve with your running coach, your tailored schedule will get you there.

Running Partner

Our online system allows us to check in with you and so we can keep you motivated when will power alone won’t do.

Ready to Run?

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Meet Katie

Katie is our head running coach. Fully qualified to assist you in achieving your running goals. She is also trained in a number of other qualifications that guarantee your body is in tip top condition. Visit her Smart Sports Therapy page to see what else she has to offer.